Perris Oases

a Board and Care Residence

For over 30 years, our board-and-care home provided care and supervision for our residents. We are a privately owned, registered-nurse operated, personal- and general- care facility. We give 24-hour assistance and supervision to seniors who are unable to care for themselves but do not need a nursing home or any medical treatment.

The following are some of the services we offer:

Daily Activities

We offer a stable and calm atmosphere with a routine that minimizes confusion and anxiety and encourages a feeling of security. Perris Oases’ residents go shopping and may attend community activities.


These training workshops for seniors offer activities to enrich and enhance the quality of everyday life. Transportation to and from workshops is available to residents who qualify.


Because we believe that podiatrists can be very important in keeping elderly people mobile, we provide podiatry services to our board-and-care home residents on a regular basis.

Nurse Visits

Our visiting nurses provide in-home care and supportive services for elderly, disabled or chronically ill residents as prescribed by a physician. Board-and-care home residents may receive physical therapy training on self-injections, diabetic testing or other training needs to maintain their feeling of independence. We also offer our residents rehabilitation services after a debilitating hospitalization stay.


Our pharmacist communicates with our staff and physicians and delivers medication in customized “Bubble Packs.” This method reduces medication errors. All medication given to board-and-care home residents are documented and kept on file for the residents’ convenience.

Doctor Visits

Physician in-home visits occur periodically to ensure that residents are well and receive flu shots when necessary. The physicians also evaluate medication treatments and doses to ensure that residents are on the proper track to good health. Blood tests are ordered as part of the evaluation process.

Perris Oases

Providing Home-Style Quality Care Since 1984